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Pre - Straightened / Pre - Cut Welding Wire Machine With Take Up System Low Noise

Pre - Straightened / Pre - Cut Welding Wire Machine With Take Up System Low Noise

    • Pre - Straightened / Pre - Cut Welding Wire Machine With Take Up System Low Noise
    • Pre - Straightened / Pre - Cut Welding Wire Machine With Take Up System Low Noise
  • Pre - Straightened / Pre - Cut Welding Wire Machine With Take Up System Low Noise

    Szczegóły Produktu:

    Place of Origin: JIANGSU CHINA
    Nazwa handlowa: Welding wire production equipment
    Orzecznictwo: ISO9001


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1500T/Y CO2 welding wire
    Cena: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: plastic bag
    Delivery Time: 60days after receiving order and deposit
    Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit,70% rest payment before shipment
    Supply Ability: 2000pcs/month
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    Szczegółowy opis produktu
    Items: 3000T/Y length: ≧120M
    After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas power: 600KW
    Dimensions: 14mX3.2mX2.3m diameter: Ø0.8、Ø1.0、Ø1.2、Ø1.6MM
    weight: 15/25Kg

    low noise 200mm Welding Wire machine , Pre-straightened and pre-cut Welding Wire equipment


    Technology parameters

    Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 4500*840*1720(mm)

    Max packing dimension (W*H) 270*100(mm)

    Packing Speed 10-13 sets/min

    Max sealing length 200mm

    Conveyor horizontal hight 800+30(mm)

    Working pressure about 0.5Mpa

    Power source 50Hz/AC380Vthree phase five wire

    Power(Max) about 15kW



    Wire Drawing Machine



    this model of wire drawing machine can draw the low carbon,medium carbon,high carbon wire and the material of wire can be copper,aluminum,etc.so it is suitable for woodenscrews,electric lead,copper rope ,spring industry.




    easy operation,low noise,high efficiency



    The production process:

    №1 Pretreatment, rough production line

    Steel wire pretreatment(including:Pay-off stand + Disorderly parking+New type(water clean)+ Electrolytic pickling + boron coating + High frequency drying + LZ6/560 straight-line wire drawing machine + SG800 I-spool take-up machine or none stop take-up machine

    №2 Fine drawing production line

    FX800 I-spool(or rotary ) wire pay-off machine + LZ8/400(or LZ7/400)Straight line wire drawing machine + Tension stand + Wash tank + SG630I-spool wire take-up machine


    №3 Chemical copper plating production line


    №4 Layer and packing production line

    SG630 spool pay-off machine (active type) + middle + layer winding machine


    №5 S4525 heat shrinkable packaging machine for packaging, warehousing


    production equipment parameter


    1. Wire material surface pre-treatment

    1.1high shelf pay-off:Put a wire rod, without motor

    1.2 Scribble and automatic stop switch: wire out

    of the pay-off machine through the steel ring with

    a diameter of 200 mm, if a few circle wire

    entwined, steel ring that was taken to the other

    side, t the bottom of the stroke switch will send

    signals, and the entire line emergency stop.

    1.3 Repeated bending mechanical shell and

    wire ball strong scrubbing device: the wire rod

    at least six direction perpendicular(National

    initiative)Bending heat treatment to strip iron

    oxide on the surface of the wire.

    Eight peeling wheel, material: ZG45 steel, hardness of HRC50, Wheel

    inner diameter Ф 115 --- Ф 120mm.

    Wheel service life of 6000 hours. After

    peeling ,the wire through period of tapered hole, use wire clean ball strongly wipe the

    surface of wire rod, and does not damage

    the wire surface, reduce the waste into the electrolytic pickling tank, ensure the

    effect of pickling, facilitate drawing; By pressure cold water irrigation and block and

    impurities, rust on the surface of the wire rod export high-pressure gas blowing

    device, reduce by wire out of the water.



    Special point:

    1use seal, integration of the whole machine design, introduction of foreign top technology, more advanced than similar products in the country. With high efficiency and low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation, simple operation and other characteristics. 2, can meet the needs of different specifications of the shape of a single product, or a combination of size matching diversified package 3, a power shake out device, to ensure that the packaging is not damaged 4, a special thermal insulation structure. Can not only play the role of the best energy-saving, and ensure operator safety, application of the equipment in welding consumables industry, with moisture, rust, prolong welding material storage features 6, adapt to PE, PVC, and other various heat shrinkable packaging materials.



    Pre - Straightened / Pre - Cut Welding Wire Machine With Take Up System Low Noise


    Take-up system:

    №1 Ф800mm I-Spool take-up machine

    ① Main transmission adopts the transmission efficiency high service life long V transmitte take form;

    ②) With pneumatic brake and pneumatic top


    ③ Motor:15 kw variable frequency motor;

    ④ Ribbon cable with screw thread, maintenance

    is simple and practical

    ⑤ take up by Ф800mm I-spool

    ⑥ There were equipped with a mechanical locking device, at any speed, power outages, fly out to ensure that the wheel will not hurt workers




    Szczegóły kontaktu
    Jiangyin Yifa Metal Science & Technology Co., Ltd

    Osoba kontaktowa: LIU

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